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Did you know that approximately 2,150,800 homes were burglarized last year? A home invasion can be a traumatizing, dangerous situation that no one wants to endure. But you can be the homeowner who is protected against it! Lee Security LLC strives to provide you with the best security, surveillance and alarm protection services in the industry.


Since 2002 we've served homeowners like you throughout the northern Mississippi area, helping to protect you, your family and home from burglary. We will provide you with a free on-site evaluation, and determine what security measures will best protect your property.


We are a fully licensed Alarm Systems Contractor, recognized by the state of Mississippi, License #10057003. 


All workmanship is guaranteed.

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We proudly serve the northern Mississippi area for over 13 years.

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The Lee Security-Protected home advantage

You probably see commercials for security systems from a number of different companies. But what makes any one of them better than the other? They all provide the same service to every homeowner, but that won't be your best service, or best answer to your security needs.


At Lee Security LLC we specialize in all aspects of security and protection. We make sure your family and property is truly protected 24/7 by working closely with our partners to get you the right alarms, communicators, cameras, and sensors. Whether you want a simple front door alarm system, complete protection of all entrances, or home automation with integrated mobile control and real-time video monitoring - we can make it all happen.


With our live, closed-circuit surveillance and home automation, you get additional control and protection. View your home from work, or while travelling abroad. We also provide installations for intercom service, remote access and controlled locking all doors, automated and controlled lighting, wireless communicators, glass break detectors, and more - all managed from your smartphone!

We offer 24/7 alarm monitoring for your home and property.

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